What is CPA?
Cost Per Action (CPA) is an online advertising model that is nowadays considered one of the most effective in the world. An advertiser does not pay for clicks or views, but for each individual customer who has confirmed his or her interest in the product by performing specific actions – filling in an application for a service, registering online, ordering.
What does the advertiser pay for?
The advertiser pays only for the customers interested in the service/product or for the processed transaction.
For example:

  • fixed amount for a quality of an application for a financial product, where current contact details of a potential client are indicated;
  • fixed amount for the issued loan, card or mortgage;
  • percentage of the issued deposit.
For which financial products Leadgid provides applications?
Leadgid delivers applications for all kinds of financial retail products with a wide marketing coverage and for a number of corporate products. We also work with Cost Per Acquisition.
Products for which we deliver applications:

  • Consumer loans
  • Microloans
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Mortgage
  • Deposits
  • Opening a corporate account
  • Loan to SME
  • Insurance
  • Forex
Our bank has not previously worked with CPA; we do not know how to start. Can Leadgid help?
Leadgid has experience and competence in the field of lead generation in the financial segment. We understand how to work effectively with the bank leads, and for this, we also offer our easy to use CRM, which requires no integration with bank systems and does not change internal business processes, helping the bank to get more applications for financial products without any additional effort. We are happy to advise you on how to start working with CPA.
How often are webmasters paid?
Normally, payments are made once a month, and the minimum payment amount is 50 euros. For webmasters who work with us consistently and deliver quality traffic, regardless of its volume, we can offer personal arrangements, including work on a prepaid basis.